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Native Americans of the Southwest ate Mojave Yucca fruits or dried them for later. The leaves were pulped for soap. Leave fibers were used for rope, twine, hats, hair brushes, shoes, mattresses, and saddle blankets. Extracts currently act as anti-stress agents or treat arthritis.  Mojave Yucca is a native of the fragile desert environments in California, Nevada and Arizona that are vulnerable to many types of disturbance. Recovery of The unique, arid communities often requires many centuries.

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MOHAVE YUCCA Blank Card $3.50
MOHAVE YUCCA Six Cards $18.00

LARGER EDITION 8.5"X 11" $27.00

LARGER EDITION 13"X 19" $36.00

Each card comes with an envelope and a clear archival sleeve for protection. The card inside is always blank for your personalized message.
Shipping: $.O1 to $9.99 = $2.50. $10.-$49.99 = $3.50.
$50.00-$99.99 = $4.50. $100.-$199.99 = $7.00. $200.and up = $9.00 Greeting Cards:Home

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